So with summer just around the corner, we have already started getting into full swing. With the days getting longer and the nights shorter. Sun shine  goes a long way in the Green kalahari.

Winter is the time for large Mouth Yellows on fly. Now these little or should I say large Buggers are not so easy to catch, it takes time  and a lot of experience, patience being one of them. That is why it is revered as the Holy grail of  South African fresh water  fly fishing, but if you have the passion and love of all things fish then this is a definite must try.

Kalahari Seasons

For a few months I wanted to start writing a blog about each exciting happenings that have taken place at camp, yet every time I started to write I seemed to have been faced with the dreaded writers block. Blocking blog writing? Hmmm thought it was only for novel writers.

Winter is finally here and most people just want to hibernate home after work, making excuses to stay in instead of going camping or partaking in some adventure activities with friends or family.  Here in the Kalahari we know what to do  with the family for the winter school Holidays.

A farmer friend of ours called us the other day, almost in tears, his life line of newly planted maize, had been  Tripple D’d.Demolished, depleted and destroyed, leaving him devastated!!

Pack up the kids and go!
Hot Air ballooning, fly fishing, Exploring, family time, River rafting, Nature walks and river floats,
Just a few of the great things one can do with us this winter,
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When you arrive in our little farming town you are met with beautiful surroundings, hills covered in wild Natal bush veld, bird life and farming lands, all thriving off the Bushman’s river.

Kalahari river and Safari company makes the news

We have made it into the Kalahari Bulletin.